Friday, January 3, 2014

Painting on Cardboard + New Stencils

I recently splurged on some new StencilGirl stencils, I had a 25% discount to use! Here are pics:

 I've been wanting a tree stencil for a while and I found the perfect one, it even has a sun/moon on it, couldn't wait to use it and the opportunity arose through a year long course I'm taking with artist Juliette Crane called Serendipity, check out the button on the right for information on this class.  Each month she has a new lesson showing her process from start to finish and then a few weeks later she will post a bonus lesson.  The Dec bonus lesson was painting on cardboard, which was so much fun and offered so much freedom, no worry that I might mess up a "canvas", so I brushed on some complimentary colors - purple, magenta, pink and then used shiva oil sticks in red and brown, dragging them across the cardboard horizontally, which gave some really great texture.

I let that dry and then started playing with the tree stencil, I decided I wanted it to be a moonlit forest scene and I ended up painting a face on the moon, inspired by Juliette's characters.  I used a stablio marks all pencil to outline the trees so it wouldn't look too much like I used a stencil.  Later I added the deer.

I am quite addicted to stencils, I'm a StencilGirl Club member and each month, for $25, I get three exclusive stencils, designed by one of the StencilGirl artists along with access to a video made by the design artist.  Each month there is a large one (9 x 11) and then two smaller ones, all coordinating together. Check out their website  I like the versatility of stencils and the added texture and depth they can bring.

What have you done with stencils lately?